Current research focus is on



"The Impact of Transitional Justice processes on democratization processes and the quality of democracy" 

2013-2016 research project looking at the correlation between Transitional Justice (TJ) measures and reconciliation the rule of law and democratization processes in Europe. 


Principle Investigator (PI) for ORA-NWO Research Project on Transitional Justice and Democracy on Brazil, South Korea, Japan, East-Germany, Hungary, Burundi and Sierra Leone:





Research Fellowships



July - August 2013 Academic Visitor & Fellow at Centre for Criminology and Oxford Transitional Justice Network (OTJN), Oxford University, UK


May 2013 Fellow at Transitional Justice Institute (TJI), University of Ulster, Northern Ireland


(2010-2012) Turkey, Spain and Germany (case studies) Research on Transtional Justice  and DEmocratizaion processes and human rights.



(2009) Bosnia and Herzegovina Research trip to conduct interviews on reconciliation process and human rights situation in post war society.



(2009) Chile Research work on reconciliation, human rights, rule of law and democratization process; interviews with victims and opposition movements during the times of oppression.



(2008-2009) Oman, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain Investigations and Interviews on societal transformation proceses and human rights.    

(2008) Somaliland Research trip on democratic development, rule of law, democratization and transitional justice in a post-conflict society, focusing on reconciliation processes.


(2008) Kosovo, Field trip and high level talks with UNMIK, OSCE, EU and parliamentarians on democratisation, rule of law and human rights development with focus on reconciliation.


(2007) Israel  German-Israeli Delegation of Young Leaders, Focus on reconciliation between Germany and Israel including high level talks with e.g. Shimon Perez and Salim Fayad also on Peace Process in the Middle East.



(2007) Armenia Presentation of research result on human rights (education) in transition countries, consulting with parliamentarians and UN officials.



(2007) Rwanda research trip and high level talks on reconciliation and democratisation processes after 1994, high level talks with ICTR, UNO, NGOs and the President office.


(2007) Kosovo Field trip in post conflict society with high level talks on reconciliation, rule of law, human rights and democratisation issues with UNMIC, OSCE, NGOs and members of parliament.

(2003-2006) Armenia Co-operation with UNDP, OSCE office in Yerevan and NGOs, trips lasted several weeks and up to 2 month in the country. Consultancy work on human rights NGOs, OSCE office, Armenian Parliament and UNDP base line study on the UN-Decade for HRE.


(2004) South Africa  Research, consultancy and talks with human rights NGOs on latest development on human rights education for Amnesty International.


(2002) Burkina Faso Research and consultancy on human rights education and implementation of international human rights norms with NGOs.


(2001) Research in the Middle East Region (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel)